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Les Étoiles :: Little Measurements

Country: UK
Release Date: 2011
Netlabel: Records On Ribs
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

“A collection of brief encounters, which hinge on the slightest details and gestures: a written note, a fleeting facial expression, a movement of eyelashes. Little measurements that occasionally tip scales.

Tim Wright is even more prominent in his role as producer. Throughout the album, his subtle use of panning, sampling, and delay effects creates an intimate, and at times unsettling atmosphere.

Little Measurements is a wonderful record, mature in execution, stunning in detail. A compelling, beautiful, moving and lyrical work worth close attention and repeated careful listening, Little Measurements is a sublime, affective experience.” [records on ribs]


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Le Mépris :: Le Mépris


Country: Japan
Release Date: 2007
Netlabel: Aerotone 

“This stunning release on the mighty aerotone label will hold on time. Through all rushing, pushing, hurrying in nowadays life, this music acts like a tender stop of any clocks. Release all redundant and needless brain-activities and calm down completely to this intense look into Reiko Matanes (a female Japanese piano player) intimate thoughts and feelings. Attend her through her wonderful, endogenous and sincere music. Best for these rainy or snowy winter evenings in front of a fireside… Fantastic!” – []

Le Mépris
Le Mépris (Aerotone, 2007)

  1. hikkikomori
  2. susu
  3. aki
  4. kodo
  5. hashirihaki suru
  6. shibo
  7. yuki piano
  8. kuki

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