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Rooftop Access :: We Are never Too Close To Ghosts

Country: Australia
Release Date: 2011
Netlabel: laridae

“If you listen closely, you can hear the whispering of the ghosts. They tell stories of the past, of long forgotten memories, of love and loss. Rob Curulli seems to have listened quite a lot to what they have to say. And with his post rock project “Rooftop Access” he has now put these paranormal visions into a full length album, a floating, transcendental collection of guitar improvisations, with cautious but artful production. If you listen closely, you can hear the whispering of the ghosts.” [laridae]

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T(h)ree :: One Point Five

Country: Portugal/Hong Kong/Macao
Release Date: 2011
Netlabel: Mimi
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Musicians from Portugal, Hong Kong and Macao return to draft a new release of T(H)REE, this time in digital format EP.

T(H)REE is a nonprofit musical project, which combines contemporary musicians from Portugal, and several Asian countries. The idea comes not only with the commitment to materialize this meeting of cultures but also the urgent desire to encourage local musical production, taking it away from its borders, reaching distant territories, forming contacts and initiate new musical and cultural that would otherwise never take place.

One Point Five brings us a new set of musicality that can be listened as a complement to the album T(H)REE vol 1, released in 2011. It’s a perfect soundtrack for a journey between nature and city, between the traditional music and the noisy bustle of the big metropolis. Between Asia and Portugal.

This compilation is a partnership between the T(h)ree project and MiMi Records. [mimi]

  1. Faye Choi + David Valentim – Suffering becomes honey
  2. Evade + Kubik – HPR (new version)
  3. Error Wrong + Erro! – Tree robot
  4. A Roller Control + Ch’os – The Wave (remodeled)
  5. Fragile + Rocky Marsiano – Second twelfth
  6. Dj Kawayama + Tiago Guillul – Lou Reed wants to be black
  7. (Outro) Temple street

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The Lights Streaming Through the Sound :: Lights

Country: Japan
Release Date: 2008
Netlabel: Mimi

“”Lights” is a record which exists within self-confrontation.

Even though the dominating aesthetics seems to be Post-Rock, different and subtle layers coexist under that front.

It lives in confront because, although in an intangible manner, through every track runs a brutal force of tension that agravates with each crescendo, and it never diludes itself on the superficial placidity to where the music drives us.

This is a journey that begins in melodic territory underlined by clarividity; somewhere in the middle of the record a challenge to the listener arises with a long moment of abstraction. Eventually, it all exits and turns into warm sound waves that slowly build a wall and provide us with confort.” [mimi]

  1. India
  2. Lights
  3. Fragmentary Sounds
  4. Cold Sea
  5. Sunrise

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Ballpen :: The Dreams Trilogy

Country: Italy
Release Date: October, 2010
Netlabel: La bèl

From the press release:

This music is based on how my dreams have been working throughout the years.The thing I like about dreams is that there are no schemes, no shames, no recipes and everything can happily or strangely  cohabit with everything else.The way the songs are composed are similar to what I’ve expereinced in my dream so far. Like the hospital  in my hometown  turned upside down and placed in the middle of a race circuit, or me riding a turtle  dressed up like Darth Vader, chasing my auntie along the dock of an unknown port in Malaysia. And other  billions of strange and funny combinations of the puzzle – pieces of my life.And everybody’s life I suppose.Some of this dreams are made in a song form, some others are built like a possible dream would develop.  Some vocal parts  sound like somebody that’s sleep talking and the music is supposed to be what’s  sonically going on in his/her head or you can  hear that the music melts when somebody is falling asleep.  And if you listen at a reasonable low volume you can still hear the  music and what’s going on in the room  next to yours at the same time.It’s very interesting. I swear.Apart from this, I also think that this music is good for your heart.And, by the way, this album has been recorded inside a cardboard box.”

  1. The scaffolding dream
  2. The sea dream
  3. The hometown dream
  4. Pass the ball sail the days
  5. The tap water dream
  6. Serene nightmare
  7. Dream episodes
  8. The magazine dream
  9. Wonderland cowboys
  10. Anna Lisa goes to bed
  11. The bus stop dream

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Beginnings :: Waiting on the Weather

Country: UK
Release Date: June 2010
Netlabel: Rural Colours

Beginnings is the alias and solo project of experimental musician Jon Frost, who creates drifting soundscapes with electric guitar and laptop synths. On this his first official release, Jon adopted a semi-improvised approach by recording passages of solo guitar on-the-fly, then later arranging them with electronic layers of tone, harmony and noise to create a sound that is full of shifting textures and ambient melancholy, designed to accompany the waiting moments of any given day.

This is a Rural Colours release (RC001). More details at

Wainting on the Weather

  1. Pristine Wilderness
  2. Not Yet Ready For The Day
  3. Heritage Of Splendour

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sleepmakeswaves :: In Today Already Walks Tomorrow


Country: Australia
Release Date:
Netlabel: lost children

“A beautiful and moving release, the band sleepmakeswaves from Sydney gives us almost forty minutes of sweeping ambience intermingled with heavy guitars. ‘In Today Already Walks Tomorrow’ is beyond post-rock, beyond progressive. These Aussies have invented something all their own. The music presented here is sometimes quiet and introspective, sometimes loud, rowdy and in your face. If you like The Big Sleep, Three, or Explosions in the Sky, then you will love sleepmakeswaves.” []

In Today Already Walks Tomorrow (Lost Children 2009)

  1. I Will Write Peace On Your Wings And You Will Fly Over The World
  2. Exits To Nowhere
  3. One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears
  4. So That The Children Will Always Shout Her Name
  5. It’s Dark, It’s Cold, It’s Winter
  6. What We Cannot Speak Of Must Be Passed Over In Silence

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