Uniform Motion :: Pictures

Country: France
Release date: December, 2009
Netlabel: aaahh records

Uniform Motion are not an ordinary band. At least not in the original meaning of the word – this bunch of young French men are more than a musical formation, they emerged and grew as an entire art project, combining their three foundations of creative work: words, sounds and looks. Claiming to be influenced and driven by the things in life that, as the band states in their biography, âhit usâ, their understanding of the all underlying principle of life descibes a continual straight line of projections which is only changed through major events. [archive.org]

Uniform Motion
Pictures (aaahh, 2009)

  1. Earthly Diamond
  2. Rain and Soil
  3. The Pen Fallacy
  4. Citizen Grave
  5. Cast Iron
  6. Fathers of our Homeland
  7. Falling Off Trees
  8. Selling Pictures

Download | Artwork | Book | Site


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